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FPSA (Pty) Ltd are the suppliers and installers of a wide range of insulation materials and products. We strive to do our best to assist our valued customers with their insulation product needs and requirements.

Insulation Lagging and Cladding for Hot and Cold Applications

Boiler, Autoclaves, Ducting, Hot and Cold Pipe Work ETC

FPSA  suppliers of K-Flex, Armaflex, Polystyrene, Polyurethane , Polyethylene and   Fiberglass pipe section, wool, with and without foil, Rock wool pipe section and wool mattress for all your chilled water, FRK ducting insulation, hot water and steam piping, tanks, boilers, vessels and autoclaves etc.

We can assist you with all your insulation lagging and cladding projects.

Send us your requests and we will gladly arrange to see you or quote accordingly.




Projects Completed:

Cold Insulation

Hot Insulation